Connecting you with your local skin specialist

Submit your skin concern through the Firstcheck app for review by your local skin specialist

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Assisting with the early detection of skin cancer and melanoma

Submit your skin concern through the Firstcheck app for review by your local skin specialist

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What is Firstcheck?

New Zealand has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

We want to help in the fight against skin cancer. We are putting the tools and technology in the hands of all New Zealanders, so you are empowered to take control of your skin health and wellbeing.

Now, using your smartphone, you can consult with local skin specialists.

With a couple of clicks and a couple of pics, you can have a dermatologist or skin cancer doctor review your skin concern - and you can do so anonymously and from the comfort of home.

Specialist, convenient and cost-effective skin advice obtained anonymously via your smartphone or tablet.

No appointments. No waiting lists. No need to leave home

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How does it work?

It’s as easy as a couple of clicks, a couple of pics, and selecting a dermatologist to review your concern.

1. Install

Install our super easy-to-use app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Snap

Take a couple of photos of the mole (or area of skin you're concerned about) and tell us where it is located on your body.

3. Select

Choose which registered New Zealand dermatologist or skin specialist you would like to review your case.

4. Pay

Pay via PayPal or credit card - a specialist consultation for just $19.95.

5. Sit Back

Relax. You'll hear back from your dermatologist within 72 hours.

Firstcheck SkinScope™

Firstcheck SkinScope™ + App = Your Personal Skin Monitoring Device

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What Doctors are saying about Firstcheck

Assessments that include a healthcare professional are better than a computer reviewed image

All efforts to encourage early detection of melanoma are positive, and assessments that include a healthcare professional [like Firstcheck] are better than a computer reviewed image.

— Professor Peter Soyer (MD, FACD), Melanoma Patients Australia (Advisor)

Rapid access to a skin cancer specialist

[Firstcheck] puts a tool in the hands of the public that gives them rapid access to a skin cancer specialist. 

— Dr Mark Foley, The Skin Clinic based in Marlborough, New Zealand

More patients getting timely reviews

This app results in more patients having spots that concern them reviewed in a timely fashion.

— Dr Franz Strydom, Skinspots skin cancer clinic

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Firstcheck in the press

Firstcheck features on Radio New Zealand

Listen as Radio New Zealand's Lynn Freeman speaks with Firstcheck's Hayden Laird, and Monika Janda (Queensland University) about how Firstcheck has joined the fight against skin cancer – and is making a real difference...

Firstcheck debuts on Australian TV

Watch the Firstcheck debut on Australian TV with the TODAY show! We feature in their "LIFE-SAVING APPS" coverage.

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