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Motor Vehicle PPSR Search

Purchasing a used car comes with risk - doing a car search on the PPSR checks to make sure the car you are buying is debt free.

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Learn more about the motor vehicle PPSR search.

Debtor Person PPSR Search

Before going into business with, lending money to or buying valuable goods from an individual, you can search the PPSR to check if there are security interests registered against their personal property. You can only search on a individual's details if you have an authorised purpose to do so.

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Learn more about the debtor person PPSR search.

Aircraft Serial Number PPSR Search

Buying an aircraft? Check if the plane, helicopter, glider or other type of aircraft is recorded as debt free. Without checking, you risk property being repossessed even if you have paid for it.

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Learn more about the aircraft serial PPSR search.

Debtor Organisation PPSR Search

The organisation search of the PPSR can show if a business has any security interests registered against its assets. This search should be done before doing business with or lending to an organisation.

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Learn more about the Debtor organisation PPSR search.

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Searching the PPSR

The Personal Property Securities Register can be searched to find out if there is a security interest registered over personal property. There are 4 types of searches that can be performed. Your First Check search result will provide a certificate you can keep as proof of whether or not a security interest was registered at that time.

People and companies often choose to search the PPSR as if a property or asset has a security interest registered over it, you’re at risk of the goods being repossessed even though you’ve paid for them.

What is the New Zealand PPSR?

The New Zealand Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) is a place where people and companies can register a legal claim to personal property. This allows others to check if there is any debts or obligations attached to any property or goods you are looking to purchase.  

The PPSR assists both businesses and individuals reduce risk and make better-informed decisions when making purchase.

What is a Security Interest?

A security interest is the right to personal property that is granted to the seller (creditor, lender) by the buyer (borrower, debtor).

A security interest is also known as a financial interest or an interest.  Any person or company with a registered security interest can register that interest on the PPSR. This registration of an interest is
called a financing statement.  

The individual or company that register a financing statement is known as the
secured party.

Who should use the PPSR?

Situations where it is beneficial to check the PPSR include, hire purchase, lease or trade agreements, buying a second hand vehicle, checking a potential customer, before doing business with a new company and checking collateral used as security.  

The PPSR is intended to reduce risk and give peace of mind parties who have a registered interest or who are going to take one on. Additionally, thePPSR helps buyers to ensure the item they are purchasing is free from any other interest. In the worst case scenario, a PPSR check could prevent repossession of purchased item where there is an interest registered.  

A simple search of the register using the First Check service gives you the information you need to make better purchasing decisions. The PPSR can also be a useful reference point when assessing the creditworthiness of a potential customer or partner.

The Personal Property Securities Act 1999 defines who can check the register in section 173

What PPSR checks are available?

In New Zealand, the following personal property securities checks are available to search:

Motor Vehicle Search
Aircraft Serial Number Search
Debtor Person Search
Debtor Organisation Search

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First check is the premier New Zealand owned checking service. Our processes allow for you to perform checks on the PPSR without having to created a login.

Results are usually delivered instantly. Sometimes the PPSR system has outages, results are delivered as soon as they come online.

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