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Before going into business with, lending money to or buying valuable goods from an individual, you can search the PPSR to check if there are security interests registered against their personal property. You can only search on an individual's details if you have an authorised purpose to do so.

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When to use a Debtor Person PPSR check

People or companies often choose to search the debtor person register before lending, leasing high value goods or higher purchases. The PPSR can also be used to check a customers creditworthiness by checking for any security interests registered against the customer’s property.

What you need to start the check

To do your search you will need;
- The persons first and last names
- Date of birth and address will improve search results

During the check you are asked to confirm you are aware of and understand your obligations under the Personal Property Securities Act 1999

Using the First Check Service

First check is the premier New Zealand owned checking service. Our processes allow for you to perform checks on the PPSR without having to created a login.

Results are returned within one day and are usually available instantly.

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